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Travel Tips


       Call your bank or credit card company a week before traveling to notify them you will be out of the country using your debit/credit card.  If you don't, they may freeze your card for security reasons.  Tell them the countries you will visit. 


       Bring a copy of your passport, license, travel documents, etc. to store in the safe in your room.  Also leave copies with a relative at home.  


       You may want to bring these items:


             Immodium                          Bug Spray                           

             Benadryl                             Neosporin

            Pepto-Bismol                      Hydrocortisone                     

            Band-Aids                          Antibacterial Wipes



       Be sure to use sunscreen and re-apply it regularly, the sun will be powerful.  You also may want a sun visor or hat, and sunglasses.


       Ask your cell phone company about international rates, and if a special plan is needed while you’re traveling.


If going on a cruise


       If you aren't sure whether or not you will have seasickness, bring some Dramamine just to be sure. If you wait until you feel sick to take medicine, it may take a while for it to work. It is best to take it about one hour before you set sail.  Or, you can get a prescription from your doctor for the patch.  You put the patch behind your ear and leave it on during the entire trip.  


       Luggage will be delivered to your room later in the day, so be sure to carry any essentials in your carry-on bag (toiletries, medicine, Dramamine, change of clothes, etc.).


       Pack a foldable, insulated cooler to carry snacks and beverages to the beach and excursions.  And bring Ziploc bags to store ice, camera, phone, iPod, lotion, sunscreen, or wet swim suits.


       You may want to look cute when you board the ship, they take your picture right away.




***Call your bank (connected to credit card) to let them know you’re traveling outside the US; give them your travel dates and the ports/countries where you plan to visit. ***


***Passports  - make copies of the front page; keep one in wallet/purse, give one to traveling companion and leave one home with family***